You can pay using your credit card, prepaid credit card, Postepay or your Paypal account.

When payment is by credit card the Consumer can count on the security of the PayPal system, which is the most widespread and best-known online payment service, thanks to the security guaranteed by the SSL cryptographic protocol. The Consumer will be able to access this service even if he/she does not have any PayPal account.

Un Punto uses a SSL certificate with the highest degree of Web Browsing protection that is available to date. This certificate applies to all the sections of the website. The system encrypts all your data. Information related to the payment, like credit card details, is not transmitted or processed/stored by Un Punto, because it is directly handled by and/or maintained within the bank circuit. Un punto relies on PayPal Inc. professional payment services, which ensure that Costumers have maximum protection and strict confidentiality.

Shipping is free within Italy for orders over 80 euros.
International shipping rates vary depending on the delivery Country.
You can check the shipping costs when you proceed to checkout from your shopping cart. All you have to do is to select the Shipping Country and the Shipping Cost will be shown.

Access your account and follow the instructions.
If you enter the email you provided when you created your account, you will receive a message with the new password.

If you have found an article you like, but you don’t want to buy it right now, you can add it to your “Wish List”, the one that listens to your heart.
This list enables you to easily access your favourite items.

Have you already checked our guida alle taglie e vestibilità?
If you can’t make up your mind, contact us at online@unpunto.it  and we will answer as soon as possible.

Every purchase on our Site follows our policy of free withdrawal, returns and exchanges.
For more information, read here or contact us at online@unpunto.it and ask your question.
If you want to, you can also cancel your order if it has not been shipped yet.

Contact us at online@unpunto.it specifying the purchase date and the order number. We are ready to help you.

It is very easy to get your purchase invoice. Fill in the notes about your order field on the checkout page with your business name, your VAT registration number and all the details. Alternatively, you can send your request by e-mail to online@unpunto.it specifying the purchase date and the order number.

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