UN PUNTO is the continuity of lots of things.
In aesthetics association, primarily visual, with fixed and dynamics perspective, practically free.

UN PUNTO is the reference of a departure, an element of arrival, a fixed accessory, or a mobile one.
Mostly woman, also man.

Male strength and female fascination, UN PUNTO is indubitably a choice: Of sense? Of intelligence? Of connection-appearance-seduction-pride?

Sure, it’s like so; if you like it and if it fits you.
And it’s also other than all the rest.

It goes like a string – UN PUNTO – of creativity weaves plots on plots on dreams; concretely, making of imagination reality, objects to wear, to use and to enjoy loving.

UN PUNTO is a visionary world, sewn just right.
A view on the fleeting pleasure a deep breath of the soul.

It’s very good taste, to test, to feel, to listen inside and touch long out.

It’s an incessant passion, a fantastic identity given to the glitter of the eyes: UN PUNTO kisses the nose, caresses the heart…

Listen up: UN PUNTO is alive and so it moves around – it comes in, stays, leaves – exactly between you and your figure.
At the bottom it’s an invention of a spectacular moment, an instant of thrilling and so intimate beauty.

This is.
Especially in your own way.

This is UN PUNTO.


Especially in your own way.

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